Topicwise Questions - Buddhism

1. The largest Buddhist temple in the world is located in

  1. India
  2. Indonesia
  3. Japan
  4. China

2. The earliest Buddhist literature which deal with the stories of the various births of Buddha are

  1. Venaya pitakas
  2. Sutta pitakas
  3. Abhidhamma pitakas
  4. Jatakas

3. Among the following who was the personal physician of Gautam Buddha?

  1. Sushruta
  2. Charak
  3. Jeevaka
  4. Nagarjuna

4. The Buddha delivered his first sermon, known as 'Turning of the wheel of law' at?

  1. Sanchi
  2. Sarnath
  3. Sravasti
  4. Bodh Gaya

5. In Buddhism, what does Patimokkha stand for?

  1. A description of Mahayana
  2. A description of Hinayana
  3. The rules of the Sangha
  4. The questions of King Menander

6. Where is Lumbini, the birth place of Gautama Buddha located?

  1. Nepal
  2. Bihar
  3. Bhutan
  4. Sikkim

7. Who among the following was contemporary of Gautam Buddha?

  1. Nagarjuna
  2. Kanishka
  3. Kautilya
  4. Mahavir

8. Where did Buddha attain Parinirvana?

  1. Bodh Gaya
  2. Kushinagara
  3. Rajgriha
  4. Vaishali

9. The monk who influenced Ashoka to embrace Buddhism was

  1. Vishnu Gupta
  2. Upa Gupta
  3. Brahma Gupta
  4. Brihadratha

10. Mention the place where Buddha attained enlightment

  1. Sarnath
  2. Bodhgaya
  3. Kapilvastu
  4. Rajgriha

11. In which of the following countries were Buddha's idols disfigured and removed a few years back?

  1. Pakistan
  2. Turkey
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Iran

12. What was the Kutagarashala - literally, a hut with a pointed roof?

  1. A place where intellectual debates among Buddhist mendicants took place
  2. A place where animals were kept
  3. A place where weapons were stored
  4. A place to sleep

13. Lord Buddha's image is sometimes shown with the hand gesture called Bhumisparsha Mudra. It symbolizes

  1. Buddha's calling of the Earth to watch over Mara and to prevent Mara from disturbing his meditation
  2. Buddha's calling fo the Earth to witness his purity and chastity despite the temptations of Mara
  3. Buddha's reminder to his followers that they all arise from the Earth and finally dissolve into the Earth, and thus this life is transitory
  4. Both the statements (a) and (b) are correct in this context

14. With reference to the history of ancient India, which of the following was/were common to both Buddhism and Jainism?

  1. Avoidance of extremities of penance and enjoyment
  2. Indifference to the authority of the Vedas
  3. Denial of efficacy of rituals

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

15. In which State is the Buddhist site Tabo Monastery located?

  1. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Sikkim
  3. Uttarakhand
  4. Himachal Pradesh

16. Who was the teacher of Gautama Buddha?

  1. Panini
  2. Alara Kalama
  3. Kapila
  4. Patanjali

17. What are the places which contain the relics of Buddha known as?

  1. Viharas
  2. Pitakas
  3. Stupas
  4. Chaityas